How Students Can Go Viral With Their Instagram Posts

Going viral is where you upload a piece of content to you social media account, and it hits a nerve with many people, so much so that they like, comment and share your stuff at a rapid rate. Most people who have gone viral in the past have done so intentionally and whilst there are many who would love nothing more than going viral, it isn’t something that is easy to achieve through planning it. Students have a great chance of going viral because they are surrounded by a great many users within close proximity who generally enjoy the same things as one another. If you want to create a viral piece of content on your Instagram account, here is how you can do just that.

Investing Money

If you are really committed to going viral then you can give yourself a head start if you buy automatic Instagram likes. These likes will instantly give your content a boost and it will encourage others to like it to, giving it wider visibility and exposure.


The biggest key to getting a piece of content to go viral is to make sure that it is relevant in terms of what is currently trending. treading topics could be anything from a popular TV show, sporting event or recent series of events and if you are hot on the heels of a trend with some great content, you will significantly improve your chances of a piece of content gaining viral status.


It is not just the theme of your content which could send it viral because even if it is a great idea, if the content is not on point, you will not find the popularity that you are looking for. Viral content is about a perfect combination of idea, relevance and great content and you need to ensure that the content which you are putting out is of high quality and high value.

Tips and Tricks

There are some other tips and tricks which you can employ to push your content towards viral status.

– Red

Red has been proven to be a color which makes people stop an look at what you have produced. Colors send different signal to the mind and if you feature a lot of red in your piece, you could greatly enhance your chances of going viral.

– Sexy Sells

It has been something that has been used by marketeers and advertisers for many years and it still rings true to this day, sex sells. If your content features a woman or man who look good, then you could see a great deal more likes and shares coming your way.

– Humor

The majority of content which goes viral is of a humorous nature and this is something which you need to tap into with your content if you want to give it the best chance of going viral.

You may need to try on more than one occasion to get a viral piece of content but if you can make it happen, your Instagram profile will be greatly boosted as a result.

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