Solar Vaccine Refrigerator

Solar Powered Refrigerator: Best Equipment to Save Electricity

The solar powered refrigerator is invented by NASA’s Johnson Space Center to eliminate the consumption of electricity. This is a very powerful tool which is use Sunlight for its functioning.
The solar powered refrigerator is made up of solar panels which convert solar energy into thermal energy. This panel stores solar energy so in the absence of the sunlight or cloudy weather the device remains cool. Solar powered refrigerator, environment-friendly equipment uses a variable speed, solar photovoltaic panel, and vapor compression cooling system. It is widely used in hospitals, research centers or in-house to store the items at requiring temperature. Solar vaccine refrigerator is very useful in remote areas or in rural areas where there no proper supply of electricity. Many scientist and researchers are not able to perform their test and experiments in the lack of electricity but with the help of solar refrigerators, they can perform their task without any mess.

Previously many medicines and injections are spoiling in rural areas because there was no proper storage device to store the medicines at their appropriate temperature. But now with the invention of the solar refrigerator, we can store vaccines, food and other important things that need low temperature without electricity. In the earth, all most all the electronic equipment runs through electricity. The consumption rate of electricity is also increased in few years, which lead a heavy damage to our environment. The traditional refrigerator need electricity and it required HCFC’s gas which is hazardous to our earth because it causes a depletion of ozone layer. On the other hand, a solar powered refrigerator is fully environment-friendly and it does not increase your electricity bill because it requires Sunlight which is absolutely free in the whole earth. The cost of this device is quite high as compared to the normal refrigerator but it is one-time investment and you don’t have to spend money on its maintenance. Only in every three years, you have to change its batteries.

Solar Vaccine Refrigerator

Solar Vaccine Refrigerator

There are many Benefits of Solar Powered Refrigerator which are mention given below:

1: Great Energy Efficiency:

The solar refrigerator was designed in such a way that it maximizes the efficiency of solar operations. It uses DC power. Solar fridge required 250-watt panel and two cycle batteries and it does not require any inverters.

2: Safe and Secure:

The solar refrigerator is very safe and secure; it generally utilizes only 12v/24v instead of higher voltage.
One of the main advantages of this device is that it can connect to an existing PV system
Without the danger that would come with working with higher voltages than 12v/24v. In the solar refrigerator, you no need to take tension of dangerous leaks, electric shocks and exploding that usually happen in traditional refrigerators.

3: Easy To Use:

The Solar powered refrigerator is easy to use and its portable size allows you to shift it here and there according to your need. With the help of latest technologies, many new features are introduced in this device just to make it more comfortable and reliable in use. There are switches through which you can adjust the temperature of the unit and one lamp in also there so you can see properly inside the unit.
In the solar powered refrigerator, there are shelves in which you can store vaccines and injection properly without any damage.

4: Eco-Friendly:

The Solar refrigerator is an Eco-friendly and it does not create any harm to our environment. It uses the sunlight which available free of cost and it is renewable energy.

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