How to open files in Google Drive directly from Office

At the point when Microsoft took off Office 2013, the productivity suite guaranteed to be profoundly incorporated with the cloud. While you were put resources into Microsoft services, for example, OneDrive, it was. But, different services you may use to stash your files in the cloud, for example, Google Drive and Dropbox? All things considered, not all that coordinated.

Google expected to enhance the circumstance in July, when it revealed its own particular module for Office that works with each rendition of the suite discharged since Office 2007—including the forthcoming Office 2016. The new module lets you open things put away in Google Drive specifically in Office, comparatively to how Office’s OneDrive incorporation functions.



Here’s the means by which Google’s module works in Office 2013.

Install plugin

Click Download on the devoted webpage for Google Drive for Office and introduce it as you would some other project.

Once that is done, open an Office program, for example, Word. On the off chance that you as of now have an Office program open you’ll need to restart it to get to the new components.

MS Word 2013 with the Google Drive for Office module installed. 

Not long after, the system opens a pop-up window which prompts you to log in to your own Google account. After that procedure is done, you’ll see Google Drive show up as an alternative in the “Open” dashboard in Office 2013 projects.

Snatching records from Drive works but it doesn’t as incorporated as with OneDrive.

When you need to open an archive put away in Google Drive, simply tap the capacity administration’s symbol. A pop-up window shows up demonstrating your documents. Click on the record you need to open, click Select, and you’ll be altering your report in the blink of an eye—right within Office as opposed to in your program. Be that as it may, just in the event that it’s in an Office record organize instead of Google’s exclusive file format.

Google Drive’s Ribbon addition.

A convenient change is to tap on Google Drive > Settings and in the pop-up window that opens, select “Microsoft Office documents just” in the drop-down menu. There’s no sense in seeing records in the Google Drive design since you can’t open them with Office. When you’re set snap Close. Transforming this setting in one Office system will transform it in every one of them.

The plugin of Google Drive also includes another tab in the Office Ribbon with some fundamental Google Drive-related components, for example, recovery to Drive, open a Drive record, offer, save as, rename, move, and settings. Dropbox has yet to offer a comparative apparatus for Office for the desktop.

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