How to Format Pendrive

If your USB or Pen Drive is not working properly by Operating System like Windows, Linux or others then it is clear your device is in trouble. In such situation pen drives are not formatted properly. There might be issues with either USB drive or with Windows itself. If the trouble is in windows then you may resolve it by installing again after uninstalling the USB drivers but if the trouble is in your Pen drive then you might have the capacity to alter it with a deep format, or the drive might be irreparable.

Format Pendrive utilizing Disk Management

  1. Press start button and type run to start run command.
  2. Once the Run command is open type diskmgmt.msc and press Enter button. By just doing that the Disk Management Utility will be open.
  3. Make a right click by mouse on your USB drive partition. You will have the capacity to see the greater part of the partition for every drive in the base edge of Disk Management.
  4. Choose “Format” option from the menu and the Format tool will be open.
  5. Choose “FAT32” as the document framework. This will permit your Pen Drive or USB drive to be perused by the most possible devices, including OS X, Windows, Linux, and many gaming consoles.
  6. Next, uncheck the “Perform a quick Format” option that will help your formatting process error free.
  7. Now Click on OK button to begin formatting the drive process. This will take a while and yet the format is successful, the drive ought to show up in Windows. On the off chance that the configuration handle doesn’t work, attempt the following area.

Organizing will erase the greater part of the information on the USB drive.



Formatting Pen Drive using command prompt.

  1. Open the Command Prompt. You can begin the Command Prompt by pressing the window key plus R and type cmd button or from the Start menu.
  2. File the .diskpart and press Enter. You might be incited for executive get to. The incite will change to DISKPART>.
  3. Type dot list and press enter button. This will list the greater part of your connected disks.
  4. Press .select plate # and press Enter. Supplant # with the number connected with your USB drive.
  5. Type .clean and press Enter. This will check the plate for mistakes.
  6. Type .create essential and press Enter. This will make another segment on the plate.
  7. now, press .active and push Enter button. this will make the recently made segment the dynamic parcel on the USB drive.
  8. Type .organization fs=fat32 and press Enter. This will organize the new segment utilizing the FAT32 record framework, which is good with most gadgets and PCs.

The configuration process will probably take a while to wrap up.

  1. Type .exit and press Enter. This will close the DISKPART utility.[2]

On the off chance that your USB drive will in any case not appear in Windows in the wake of utilizing the DISKPART utility, or you get mistakes when attempting to arrange, your USB drive is in all likelihood harmed and no more practical.

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