How to Block calls on Android Device

Are you fed up of searching for the way to reject the unwanted calls in your Android phone; rest assured your search will end here? There are multiple ways to reject the unwanted calls in your Android devices. But this process may take some digging in finding the way to block calls. A few manufacturers include blacklist feature somewhere deep in your Android device setting. But these features have been added in latest Android devices so if you are having old Android gadget which older about 2-3 years than for sure your device is not compatible with this feature.

Thankfully, there are a few approaches to reject calls in your smartphone. Here in this guide we have included the way of blocking unwanted calls on your Android phone. We’ll investigate where this feature is and how we can utilize it in better ways in call blocking.



From the call log

The very first method of blocking unwanted calls is rejecting calls from your call log. You may disable the unnecessary calls from particular numbers. You just need to select the number which you need to reject, then click on the three dots appearing in the above corner of your phone screen. Once you click on the dots, Add to reject list option will appear. Select the option; this will surely disable unwanted incoming calls from the specific number.

From your contacts list

If you want to reject or block a number whether it is of your relative, friend, family or someone else whose number is saved in your contact list, block them. Open your Contacts, choose a person you would like to block and tap the pencil modeled button appears on right hand corner. Afterwards, click the 3 vertical dots in the upper right corner and check the box of All Calls to Voicemail. The number will be directed to your inbox.

From the settings menu

Apart from all above methods, one of the most widely recognized routes of blocking a number is to pull up your contact list by selecting the phone symbol from your screen. Click on the three dots and select Settings, choose call option and then click on Call Rejection option. After rejecting the list go for Auto Reject List and then Create. Now, your phone will show up a search box. Embed the name of the person or the phone number you want to block or reject. By just doing this your name will be added to the Auto Reject List.

Choose the Phone icon on the screen of your phone, click on More at the upper right corner, and afterward click Settings. You’ll discover Call rejection or Call blocking list here and you can deal with the numbers on your Auto reject list or Block list.

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