How to Create Quick Shortcuts for Common Tasks on Android Without Rooting

Everyone has a desire to be to some degree more streamlined to save the time. Shave a few seconds off here and there with a specific end goal to wind up more proficient. The application we will survey today will help you do only that. It permits you to complete a particular movement inside an application specifically from your home screen.

Some of the apps like  permit clients to make advantageous alternate routes on their home screens without traversing the interface of an application. In the event that you consider, we mostly do a restricted measure of exercises when utilizing an application.

With the Quick Shortcut Maker you have the capacity much of the time to hop straight to your fancied activity.



How it Works

On opening the application, you will see 3 tabs. These are Activities, Applications and Favorites.

To one side of Favorites, you will likewise discover History which will show a rundown of as of late made alternate ways.

You can rapidly hunt down applications from which you need to make alternate routes by utilizing the pursuit bar. You can complete an incremental hunt or a typical pursuit.

An incremental hunt returns comes about in a split second however utilizes more assets while a typical inquiry is less demanding on assets yet does not return looks as fast.

Presently, how  about we get on to making an alternate route. The Applications tab just demonstrates the greater part of the introduced applications on the phone. The Activities tab is the place you truly need to be on the off chance that you need to make an alternate way for a particular movement inside an application.

After you have found the application from which you wish to make an alternate way, press the descending bolt with a specific end goal to see the rundown of accessible exercises. I will utilize the case of Twitter to show the procedure.

Alright, suppose you need to make an alternate route which permits you to begin creating a tweet with a solitary snap. This part is somewhat dubious.

There are various procedures recorded under Twitter which are in charge of various exercises and this may require a little experimentation for a few applications. You should take an intimation from the names of the documents.

In this way, we have to make a tweet. I examined the procedures and their names and I ran over

I then chose this procedure. The main thing about this app is that it permits you to attempt to check whether the procedures really do the coveted action. Basically select Tryand the relating activity will be activated.

With this one, I was fortunate and strike the nail right on the head. In any case, this most likely won’t generally be the situation.

Alright, so make a beeline for the app and select Create.

Next make a beeline for your home screen and you will see the alternate route you made. You ought to give it a one of a kind name keeping in mind the end goal to recognize it from the first application.

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